Computer Programming & Robotics

    The Northwood School robotics program offers both academic courses for credit and co-curricular options for students who'd like to spend time outside of school learning about programming and problem solving through robotics design. Northwood participates in both the FIRST Robotics and VEX Robotics competitive circuits. Our program has been selected to beta test FIRST Robotics software. Please see our course descriptions below.



    Introduction to Computer Programming and Robotics

    This course focuses on basic skill development and requires no programming experience. Students will learn website development and HTML/CSS language structure and progress through lessons in languages like Scratch, JavaScript, Python, and Introductory ROBOT C. A study of modular programming tools like Scratch, MIT App Builder and various robotic command and control software will also be used in the course to help students learn fundamental logic patterns and routines. Students will use HummingBird and Lego MindStorm robots to apply logic skills and programming languages to build autonomous robots. This course will introduce 3D printing tools and develop skills for more advanced applications.

    Advanced Computer Programming and Robotics

    This course is designed to be an intermediate level course and students should have a basic knowledge or experience with logic and computer programming. Use of robotic tools (HummingBird, and VEX robots) to learn and employ coding languages and logic sequences comprise a considerable portion of the course. Students will become proficient in languages such as Python, ROBOTC, JavaScript and Xcode. This course will employ advanced 3D printing tools and develop skills for 3D model and part design.

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